“Live A Perfect Life”

The lifestyle of "24-Hour" that we believe it is not different from "you" in a digital age. This is the modern world of working similar you that focuses on freedom, want to choose a good job and a good work place with the aim of creating a work-life balance, a balanced life in your style because your lifestyle is no longer "9 to 5".

It seems quite difficult with the work-life balance effort on the 24 hour lifestyle. "We know you are tired" and we can't answer whether the work-life balance be true but what we can answer is "Live A Perfect Life".

About Us

Independent lifestyle

"Mint", she lives in a condominium in the center of the city. She is a freelancer who come up with creative work. And also take a role of content creator, writing an online column for a well-known website. With a line of work that requires for creativity in production, Mint therefore chose to live in a privacy-oriented because she needs a lot of concentration to produce her job.. Mint's lifestyle

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In-frame lifestyle

"Big" is a fulltime employee work in IT department for one company in downtown. His lifestyle is obviously defined for work and life. Wake up 6.30 am leaving the house to get on a public transportation at 7.30 am. Crowded on both BTS and MRT because he doesn't want to waste a time on the road that unpredictable

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“La Verda. Good health for every minute of life.”

We get it. We’re modernists. We’re energetic. We always strive to reach our full potential. And it’s this motivation to make the most of each 24-hour day that inspired us develop La Verda.
Fulfill a good health in every minute of your life.

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