Have you ever worked so hard for your future

until your brain and health have been used too hard?

As the basis of life, everyone needs to step in working life, and it is impossible to avoid. However, the life goal of everyone would be different.           Someone hopes to get the job as they planned, getting a reasonable salary rate. In contrast, someone working so hard to overcome a bright future and having a good life when they get old. It’s not wrong. Anyway, workaholic people also need to break and look back at themselves whether they are using their health and brain too much or not?

Factors that affect brain and health to resist when you are overworked.

As mentioned, even though you are working hard to overcome a pleasant future for you and your family. However, humans are not a machine. When you are too tired and get too much stress, it is possible to resistance as usual. You can observe yourself whether you have these feelings or not:

1. Having temperamental moods and becoming easily frustrated with little things until people around you need to create distance.

2. Less concentration of work. You were a person who can concentrate on doing anything for a long time, however, your brain commanded to ignore and shift your concentration to something else.

3. Get bored at anything you have faced routinely, especially office workers who always work for a long time.

4. Get sick often such as office syndrome, headache, abdominal pain, and others.

5. Many people started to be introvert person as they were cheerful because of the brain is under intense stress. Thus, you don’t want to talk to or face anyone.

From all points we have mentioned, you can clearly see that working too hard creates an intense effect on the brain and health. From a lively and healthy person, you can become another person with the opposite characteristic. The target you set will probably lose because of working too hard until your brain and health cannot handle.

Know first, Do first! Changing yourself for happiness in life! เปลี่ยนตัวเองเพื่อความสุขของชีวิต

Reading until this point, if you are thought that this is clearly yourself…… it’s time to change. Below is the recommendation from us:

1. Seeking something new in life. Stop thinking about work for some time and traveling to other places. This would make your brain get fresh, relax, and charging life’s battery for yourself.

2. Always thought that “All problems have a solution”. Overthinking cannot solve anything. You have to find little things in life, which make you happy every day.

3. Eat foods that are beneficial to your health and selecting a supplement that can enrich your brain because general food may give you enough nutrients. However, the supplement should be made from natural ingredients to minimize side effects.

4. Get full sleep in every day so that you can feel the freshness in every morning you wake up.

We totally understand that everyone wants to have a bright future. However, if you working too hard until it harms your health and brand, lastly, the money you gain will be spent on hospitality. Thus, you need to rest, play, and always relax your brain. Most importantly, work-life balance is totally worth your life.

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