Launched! La Verda BNG veggie softgels dietary supplement

La Verda BNG veggie softgelcapsule dietary supplement answering all lifestyle people in the digital age who want to take care of themselves with a speed. BoostBrain Power, Anti-Aging and Be Energetic in one softgel made of Norway Krill Oil a pure omega-3 from Antarctic Ocean blended with vitamin B complex, choline and various natural extracts that help support the nervous and brain, improves the flexibility of blood vessels, improve blood circulation, help reduce the deterioration of various organs in the body. Also stimulates the metabolism system as energy for the body. This is to prepare the body to be more ready than ever ..

Because we believe that a quality of life begins with havinghealth” However, in today’s fast-paced society, simply eating good food is no longer enough.

La Verda. Good health for every minute of life.

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