Harvard’s tips to look over hard work with less return

Nowadays, many organizations have been adapting themselves to match with current situations. It's not just lay-off employees but many people also receiving lower salary.

Moreover, employees have to lighten up the organization by working more.

The reason is COVID-19 (Corona Virus 2019) that leads to economic fluctuation. Thus, those who still has a job could feel relieved

However, many organizations are still looking for skilled-person

Also, many people received bonus and get promoted as well

For anyone who don’t have a job and not having financial security,

#LaVerda is now presenting tips from Harvard that everyone can adapt. Let’s take a look!


📌Upgrade skills to keep up with trendsNowadays, technologies and variables of the business sector have changed a lot. Therefore, skills that employees should not be missed to learn has various forms. For example:


##TechnologyHaving said that, people who work in a specific field should have knowledge about technology in that area. This doesn't mean you must be able to write a program. However, you should understand and use different programs effectively—for example, HR department. The HR team should know the Payroll program in marketing. They should also know how to use the Marketing analytics program in different ways. Another example is an accountant. The accountant should be able to use accounting software or an ERP system. These skills are an advantage and make you move faster than others.


##The ability to think and logicallyThe employees with analytical thinking ability and logic are used to assist in the implementation and making decisions. These employees can help organizations move more efficiently. For those who like to use emotions rather than reasons, it is advisable to improve and learn analytical thinking techniques. Besides, it can certify that the analysis results will come out with better quality until a boss will applaud for it.


##Emotional stabilityGood knowledge or good technique alone could not be compatible with others. Also, working with difficulty is difficult because being emotionally stable or having pleasing EQ can help the working environment. Especially working that requires cooperation from teamwork due to collaboration and understanding. Including good expression and communication can significantly impact work because it helps all parties work smoothly. Moreover, it and helps us cope with problems well. Therefore, the organization also needs a lot of people like this.


##Language skillCurrently, business dealings have no boundaries. Even though we have technology like Google Translate, we must not forget that it is imperative to communicate in a second or third language. You can see from job qualifications that the position from the middle level and above often considers people who can communicate in English. For anyone with third language skills that many organizations are looking for, it is quite an advantage. Thus, we recommend that if your language skill is still weak, you should practice more and more for your personal development. Whether studying online courses without any cost from YouTube or an application like "Duolingo" will undoubtedly help you a lot.


Most importantly, skills and knowledge can be developed altogether. Thus, don't worry about how we are weak. We should do as best as we can to enhance and improve one's knowledge and skills. The more you try, you will have the opportunity to grow both in terms of jobs and income according to your ability only.




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