Minimize working crisis with must have nutrients for the office

Currently, everyone needs to be stable even though you really love or are bored with your job. 

At least, until we all passed through economic and political situations nowadays.


Therefore, the salarymen like usneed to be more committed to work, especially during this period.

Most importantly, we all need to avoid taking any leaves as much as possible. However, our health also needs to get ready for this situation as well.

#Leverda would like to recommend the nutrients that workaholics shouldn’t miss! Let’s see what they are.


#Omega, which reduces stress and insomnia #Lighteningeyesightand poormetabolismWhoever has symptoms like this, let's take a quick look at this nutrient. When you are working too much, the state of pressure starts to suffer from work stress until it results in anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Moreover, most people always sit at the table didn't exercise regularly, and have stress hormones. Finally, your metabolism is even worse because of workload, causing stress, and being overweight.

#OmegaHow helps?

✨ Omega-3s contains EPA, which helps fight anxiety and depression. Omega-3s also contains DHA, which boosts melatonin levels that can help you sleep more comfortably.

✨ DHA is the most essentials structure of retina in the eyes. DHA also effectively prevents retinal deterioration.

✨ Did you know that Omega-3s can reduce liver fat and inflammation in obesity and fatty liver disease? Moreover, Omega-3s can reduce insulin resistance for people with metabolic problems and reduce the risk of heart disease.

✨ Omega-3s also reduce menstrual pain, which is very good for ladies. Interestingly, according to PubMed's research base, people who take Omega-3s regularly experience less period pain. Thus, Omega-3s also more effective for pain relief than Ibuprofen.

Omega 3, Where come fromAnyone who likes salmon, flax seeds, or chia seeds is rich in Omega-3s. Also, you can buy Omega-3s supplements. You can select whether Fish oil or Krill oil, both are fish oil. However, if you are afraid of the fishy smell, we recommended you to choose Krill oil.


#Vitamin B12 reduces forgetfulness and fatigue We totally understand that people who work hard have to remember many things, making them forget other things. Anyway, what gets affected is the task that cannot be mistaken. Besides, there will be overload work that cannot be done in time. The commitment that we used to have when we are new university graduates started to fade away. So, I could say that full nutrients Vitamin B12 could help us. If you feel tired and forgetfulness regularly, you must not miss Vitamin B12.

How helps?

✨ According to various studies, Vitamin B12 helps prevent brain atrophy and memory loss caused by the loss of nerve cells, resulting in poor memory performance.

✨ Vitamin B12 can also reduce fatigue. Simultaneously, it can increase energy, especially for people who typically use both the brain and physical strength for working.

✨ Vitamin B12 reduces amino acid homocysteine, which leads to the risk of aging. Besides, it also renews your eyesight to work more efficiently.

Vitamin B 12 , Where come from can be found in the liver and clams. If anyone doesn't like to eat, you can also take Vitamin B12 supplements as well.



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