Veggie Softgel Dietary supplement ingredient from Krill Oil source Antarctic Ocean, Norway. One of the purest ocean in the world. Blended with Vitamin B-complex and various natural extracts. To meet the needs of every lifestyle either working people, students or those who have all-day hard activities. It's completed in one softgel!

Boost Brain Power and Be Energetic


Dietary Supplement BNG from Brand La Verda

Helps brain and body more ready than ever with Krill Oil reduce fatigue, tiredness, refreshing energy. It's helpful especially when sleep a little each day. Prepare your body for daily activities perfectly.

Only 1 Softgel Daily

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We believe that your quality of life begins with your "health"

Good Heath for Every Minute of Life

Start your good day with Laverda BNG Boost brain power, Wake up the body effectively prepare for intraday activities 
Only 1 Softgelto get FRESH for good work and long activities throughout the day and every day

Any lot of work, meeting, online study, hard activities... No problem anymore..
Create your readiness with yourself easily with Laverda

It won't matter to drink coffee then get fresh for a meeting
Just only one soft gel thenwake up.. get extremely fresh.. getaccuratelyall details
Moreover,bring your brain to be ready forcreative works 

No longer with delayed idea or sleepy brain especially in afternoon
Refresh your body to be wake up along the day morning till evening
Active than ever Play your life as wanted with LaverdaBNG dietary supplement with ingredients fromKrill Oil


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Any lifestyle can create your dayas a good dayand perfectlywith La Verda BNG


The benefits from best extract such asKrill Oil
that blend perfectly
Support brain health and recognition to get refreshing and full of energy all a long day  

Boost Brain Power and Be Energetic


  • Antarctic Krill Oil enrich with pure Omega3 to deeply nourish brain and recognition
  • Choline helps improve brain and nervous system
  • Vitamin B Complex support functions of nervous system and brain, also improve metabolism
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract reduces stress and exhaustion. Help antioxidants help reduce cholesterols and the risk of cancer disease
  • Ginkgo Leaf Extract contains Bioflavonoids help nourish the brain. Prevent problems related to the brain such as Alzheimer's disease, etc. Also improve recognition and reduce anxiety symptoms
  • Taurine is an amino acid that helps strengthen the function of nervous system. And related to boosting energy for the body

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