Why are you exhausted during the day even after a good night sleep?

This is a prevalent question for working people. Most people tend to stick with the principle that getting 7-8 hours of sleep a day is a must.

Having enough sleep should help you recover and take care of your body to effectively fight for a new day.

However, other people often complain that “we already having enough sleep

but why we still sleepy during the day, tried, and yearning for relaxation?”.

but why we still sleepy during the day, tried, and yearning for relaxation?”.

First, I would like you to ask yourself that…


How is your sleep quality??Although most people try to have 7-8 hours of sleep, they still not feeling bright and not as energetic as it should be because they might not truly fall asleep. They might also have underlying problems such as Sleep Apnea that causes slow breathing or stops breathing while sleeping. This symptom results in lower oxygen levels in blood while sleeping.

💖Self-care GuideIf you're unsure, the best way is to discuss and make a sleep test with the doctor. Besides, experiencing Sleep Apnea might harm your health. When you have this symptom, the doctor may recommend a Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) device as a breathing aid while sleeping.


Having stress and anxiety or not??It's accurate that stress immersed in frustration can affect both your physical and mental health a lot. Most people may be unaware of pressure because there is deep stress in your mind that can lead to sleep, nightmares, or restlessness throughout the night. Also, stress from work has become a major global problem that WHO frequently provides information about burn-out. This condition will make you tired and create pressure in your mind. In addition, you might feel that working was never as fun as it used to be. Going to work, meeting your boss or co-workers makes you feel exhausted and tired. Therefore, how much sleep couldn't help much.

💖Self-care Guide If this condition destroys your heart, you can talk to your friend or someone you trust to relieve emotions. If you feel not comfortable, you can rely on a psychologist. You may also try behavioral therapy such as art therapy, writing or drawing, emotional therapy. These activities are useful, as well. Most importantly, your body is nourished by taking supplements like Omega 3 or B-complex that contains neurotransmitters and makes the brain more relaxed naturally


Food and drink also important!!We all knew that having too much caffeine leads to insomnia. Also, overeating carbohydrate makes us feeling tired. Especially refined carbohydrates such as white rice and white bread because these foods cause blood sugar to spike up quickly. When blood sugar levels drop, you feel tired even after getting a full sleep.

💖Self-care GuideYou should avoid any drinks that affect sleep quality, such as alcohol. Besides, avoid drinking coffee and tea before bed. In addition, eat less carbs considered another way that can help because it will make you have more energy, not easily exhaustion, as well as improving your physical health.







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